logseq 24 hr pages tutorial

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A small query that lists all the changes, made during the last 24 hours.

With some pointers from @lauren#0001 and @Miro#1174 and a bit of help from google, I found: logseq/query_react.cljs , which pointed to three additional helpers:

  • :right-now-ms which is this moment in milliseconds from 1970
  • :start-of-today-ms which points to this morning 0:00
  • :end-of-today-ms which points to tonight 24:00

They can be used like this:

{:title [:h2 "My 24h changes"]
:query [:find (pull ?b [*])
:in $ ?end
[?b :block/updated-at ?v]
[(- ?end 86400000 ) ?period]
[(>= ?v ?period)]
[(< ?v ?end)]
; :inputs [:start-of-today-ms]
; :inputs [:right-now-ms]
:inputs [:end-of-today-ms]

You have to choose one of the three inputs, 86400000 is 24 hours in milliseconds (60 x 60 x 24 x 1000), a week would be 604800000 milliseconds.

  • :right-now-ms will give you a 24 hours period from this moment, not very useful, imho
  • :start-of-today-ms which you can use for yesterday’s changes
  • :end-of-today-ms, which would be more useful for today’s changes